Welcome to the new Mali, Mali The Brand. A family where change and transformation take place to turn into the best version of ourselves together.

what is this new Mali? what is so new and exciting about this new chapter?

Mali is now divided into 12 volumes, each volume is a new period of transformation and something we are all going to work on to be better little by little. A new volume (collection) will drop each month and obviously each collection will have its little surprises.

This is the beginning of the end. End of the old version of you to discover your higher self and turn into a brand new person. 




Hi i'm Mafe, nice to meet you and thank you for being here,
i created Mali because i believe in change. Everyone deserves to heal and to discover that version of ourselves we’ve always wanted to be. Mental health is important and healing is a very long journey, a journey i want to take with you through clothes. i want to change the societal standards, i want to get rid of judgment, and i want to turn pain into something beautiful because it is, because its temporary, and because it turns us into a brand new person. Everything is planned, designed, and created with love from me to you, enjoy...
- xoxo, Mafe